Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

We want our website to be informative, personal and as user-friendly as possible. This goal is impossible to achieve without the appropriate use of cookies. We are using cookies for a variety of reasons, read on the cookie policy in detail to know what the cookies are and how we are utilizing them in our vested interest. Using this website, you are expressively agreed that we can use cookies as per this policy.

What are cookies?

    A cookie is a small text file holding a certain amount of data that the website will send to your browser. It will be stored on your computer’s hard drive and later on, can be retrieved by the web-servers to gain information.

How do we use cookies?

    It is possible to retrieve the cookie data, as it allows the website owner to customize the web pages to improve the user’s browsing experience. It is worth mentioning here that, cookies do not collect any personal data stored on a computer or hard drive. They will provide us customer information about what you have done while browsing, how much order you have completed and the log-in details.

What type of cookies do we use?

    There are two types of cookies, session cookies, and persistent cookies. Session cookies automatically disappear or deleted once you close your web browser. On the other hand, persistence cookies remain in computer storage or device until the expiry date. In order to improve the user experience, JAFTIM is using the following types of cookies:

  • Cookies enabling you to log into the secure areas of the website, these are the strictly necessary cookies and required for the smooth functioning and operation-ability of your website.

  • Cookies enabling us to recognize and count the flow of traffic on the website, they are analytical / performance cookies. The data retrieved from these cookies help to improve the way the website works and ensures that the user finds what they want easily.

  • Functionality cookies are the cookies that recognize you when you return to the website. Other than enabling us to personalize user experience, these cookies also play a significant role in the live chat support system and help to improve buyer experience.

  • The cookies that record the visits to our site, the pages you have visited and links you have followed are termed as targeting cookies. These cookies also help to improve the user experience to make the content relevant to the visitors. The targeting cookies also allow us to share and send information to the third party to make the site more appealing to visitors.

How to control or delete cookies?

    Most of the time, the browser lets the user to refuse cookies. You can block cookies by activating the setting on your browser. However, if you choose to disable, reject or block our cookies, chances are there that some parts of the website will not function fully.

How JAFTIM can change the cookie policy?

    JAFTIM believes in the notion that change is always good; hence the procedure and policies are subject to continuous change to make car shopping as easy and convenient as possible. Change in technology, legislation and authorities may require us to update you, particularly where it is affecting your privacy rights.