How to Buy

Car shopping is always as exciting as it is for first-time shoppers. If you have decided to opt for the purchase of a used car then congratulations you are at the right place. At jaftim, we take customer convenience seriously. To make your favorite car available to you, we strongly recommend you to follow the steps below:

Own a car in 6 easy steps!

Get Registered

How To Register

First of all, get yourself registered to have all the details at your fingertips. Jaftim is offering easy and free access to users. It is even more exciting to know that the user accessibility demands no time and efforts. You just need to be careful while incorporating username and other information.

  • Go to registration page, click Register button available on each page.

  • Fill in the form and press Register. You will receive a confirmation email in a few seconds.

  • Once you confirm the email, you will be able to access thousands of cars on the dashboard.

Find Your Desired Car

How to Find Car

Jaftim claims to take good care of customer convenience by making plenty of alternatives available at a single touch away. Customer-oriented interface offering easy to use search functions. Filter out the collection of cars to come up with your desired purchase option.

Search by Make

People having preferences for a particular maker can use the drop-down menu to select the desired car brand. In addition to this "Search from stock" option also let the user to select cars from particular maker.

Search by Body Type

Different driving needs demand different body types, each offering different set of features and functionalities to accommodate the buyer community. Use the drop-down menu to select body type of your choice (SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, etc.)

Search by Price

Price is another important aspect to analyze before making a purchase. if you are also facing budget constraints, then utilize search by price menu, put in Price from and price to and come up with your desired purchase.

Negotiate / Get Quote / Buy Now

Negotiate / Get Quote / Buy Now

Once you are done with the selection process, you are recommended to go through three steps:

Getting Quote

Start negotiation

Make a purchase

Get Quote

Write your inquiry in the comment box, click the send button. You will receive an email notification when the seller accommodates your inquiry.

Start Negotiate

Now it’s your turn to be the star of the show. Ask all the details you want to know about desired purchase unit and it is recommended to be as direct and clear as possible:

Vehicle Price and Incoterms (FOB/C&F/CIF)

Condition of the vehicle

Other relevant costs

Payment Due dates and terms(FOB/C&F/CIF)

Make purchase

Finally, this third initiative allows you to confirm your purchase. If you are making a direct purchase from stock click buy now button, provide all credentials and write your message in the comment box and click the send button. You will receive an instant email notification with purchase and payment invoice.

Note: : In an effort to avoid threats, fraud, and mishaps, makes sure that the invoice is not containing recipient's bank account details, as they are not entitled to Jaftim.

Place Your Order

Place your Order

Jaftim promises to deliver perfect, high-quality cars at reasonable price range. There is a team of highly qualified professionals and inspectors who conduct thorough inspect on behalf of their valued customers. The auto mechanics at Jaftim ensure the quality of used cars by analyzing every inch of the details purchased from auction houses.

We are exporting used cars all over the world and take pride in making it available as soon as possible. Normally your order will take 4-8 weeks after order replacement to reach your destination depending on the shipping schedule.

Make Payments

Make Payment

And You Get Your Car

Get Your Car