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Quality Control ?

Quality Control makes sure that the cars are free of functioning flaws and performance issues. The process typically includes several testing practices and multiple phases to accomplish top-quality engineering, comfort, and customer safety.

3 Checkpoints Used By Jaftim

1. Corrosion Treatment

The repairing professionals look for defects caused by corrosion along the frame railings that run right under the doors. They check the wheel wells, coil springs, axles, brakes, and the exhaust system for any traces of corrosion. After examining the issues, they work on rust proofing with the most common method and treat the corrosion with special chemicals.

2. Tyre Checking

This phase specifically targets the tyres, as they are responsible for the cars’ speed and performance for a smooth ride. The professionals start by checking the tyre placard and then remove the cover on the air valve of the vehicle’s tyre. Then, a comprehensive inspection of the tyre is done to verify the inflation pressure of each tyre before the vehicle is sent for delivery.

3. Checking Engine

The experts at Jaftim inspect the engine, its parts, and mechanism to detect any defects and damage caused earlier. From checking the battery to inspecting the pressure, maintenance of fuel tanks, fluids checking, engine oil and brake fluid, everything is covered in this phase of Jaftim’s quality control process.

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