21 Mar 2022
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Cars Under 200000 For Sale in South Africa

Are you in the market for the best-used cars under r200000? Now is a great time to buy a new car since the rand is rising and prices aren't going up as much. On the local market, there is a wide variety of reasonably priced vehicles to pick from.

New car finance costs South Africans an average of R300 000, while financing used vehicles cost an average of R203 284. There were twice as many second-hand cars financed by the financial services firm as new car loans, for those looking to save money on a new automobile, a large range of available cars less than R200000.

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1. Ford Figo


Ford's Figo is a good choice if looking for sports cars for sale in South Africa. The Figo models' power output spans from 74kW to 82kW, and the starting price is R177 600. In addition to air conditioning and power steering, the 1.4 Trendline comes fitted with a CD player. ABS, airbags, and head restraints are all standard safety equipment on the Ford Figo. Height-adjustable steering columns and electric windows are other luxuries in the car's interior.

Even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, the restyled Ford Figo is still good-looking car. The blacked-out details and bigger wheels on Titanium Blu-grade automobiles stand out. In addition, the Figo has a revamped dashboard with a prominent area for the touchscreen. The car's interior has also seen a quality improvement, with a more durable feel throughout. 

The seats in the front are comfortable, while the legroom in the rear is enough. However, rear-seat passengers may be bothered by the somewhat high backrest and the car's constrained headroom. The new 1.2-liter, 96 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox is standard on the Ford Figo. The gasoline engine takes some time to get up to speed, but once you do, you'll find that it's extremely pleasurable. 

With its 100 horsepower, 1.5-liter Figo diesel, diesel consumers will be eager to get their hands on this model. Even though it isn't the quietest diesel, the engine is likable due to its linear power delivery. Ford's new 5-speed manual transmission has also contributed to the overall improvement in driving pleasure in both models. In addition, the new Ford Figo is one of the class's finest drivers due to its well-balanced steering and soft suspension.


2. Fiat 500


The Fiat 500 is a good choice from the list of cars under 200000 and R196 900. However, the Fiat 500 is still the top pick for those with an eye for style in the city vehicle segment. Due to the vehicle's classic design, high standard of equipment, and many personalization possibilities, it is a perennial favorite among automobile enthusiasts. 

Details on this automobile are up-to-date, and the inside is quite beautiful. A great automobile of all times, this model combines the latest technology with a high degree of dependability.

A three-door hatchback is a good option for families with small children. With its combination of superior utility, affordability, and durability, this vehicle has broad appeal in the upper-middle-class market. Although it is at the high end of the city vehicle market, it outperforms entry-level cars such as the VW Up, Hyundai i10, and Peugeot 108.

 It maintains a distinct personality that few other vehicles can match on the road. It's an elegant performer with decent road manners and a solid foundation. It gets 46.3mpg with a 1.2L four-cylinder engine that's an entry-level option in the actual world. Overall, it's an attractive hatchback and a credible option to some more conventional rivals.


3. Toyota Aygo


In the hatchback market, the Toyota Aygo is the most sought-after vehicle. If you are in the market for an automobile that's both stylish and powerful, look no further. It is a larger and better-built vehicle with a roomier interior and a more venerable driving experience.

 This vehicle is offered in three and five-door hatchback configurations, with a sleek and sporty design. Compared to other hatchbacks, this one is far more affordable to own and operate. However, Toyota, Citroen, and Peugeot worked together on this vehicle. Therefore, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 are two more vehicles' names. 

The drivability of this vehicle is great, while its dependability index is among the best in the industry. The front-wheel-drive powertrain is now being used in the second version of the vehicle. The driving system is powered by a 1.0-liter petrol engine with sufficient power and torque.

 Furthermore, it is the finest car for short excursions or city driving since it provides pleasant driving dynamics on the urban roads. In South Africa, the Toyota Aygo is a cheap automobile, coming in at R162 100,  and is a really good used car for sale in Durban. 

An AEB, airbags, brake assist, and a hill-start assist function are just some of the model's many safety features. The model's Vehicle Stability Control is another standout feature. Using 4.4 l/100km of gasoline, these cars are quite cost-effective to operate.


4. Hyundai Grand I10


Hyundai's superb city vehicle, the i10, is available for purchase and is made in South Korea. The Hyundai Atos was replaced by this five-door hatchback in 2007. This vehicle is both elegant and clever in appearance, as well as well-built enough to make you feel like you're in a larger vehicle. 

After going through a series of major upgrades and adjustments, it is now the second generation. The current i10 is a superb combination of utility and affordability. In addition, it's a well-balanced combination of comfort, refinement, and quiet driving characteristics.

 Light controls, economical engines, and superb body composition all make this vehicle quick and exciting to drive in a crowded place. 

The ride is well-balanced and stable, making it easy to navigate the city streets. This vehicle is an absolute pleasure for those who like driving on the highway. The Hyundai Grand i10 is a viable option if you're in the market for a new automobile.

These cars, which start at R154 900, offer a 48kW power output. Several elements make this model stand out, such as cutting-edge technology and enhanced safety measures. For example, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) are standard on the Hyundai Grand i10.

Affordable and safe, the all-new Hyundai I10 is an excellent option for anyone seeking transportation. The car's marketing pitch touted its ability to provide a smooth ride with a high level of luxury and refinement. As a result, the vehicle's design has significantly improved while retaining the vehicle's cheeky charm, which has resulted in a very premium appearance and feel.


5. Sandero Renault


Dynamic and versatile, it is a terrific choice in this overcrowded market. In addition to its eye-catching design, this vehicle offers a wide range of customizing choices. As a result, this car maintains the competition in its market segment. 

Updates are made both inside and out to maintain its position as the market leader. The outside of the new model was slightly reworked, but the inside was given a complete makeover. 

However, the power units in the lineup remain the same, which tends to produce excellent results. Style, outstanding comfort, and low operating costs top the list of priorities for this compact crossover, making it a worldwide hit. The Renault Sandero's base price is R171 900. ABS and Emergency Brake Assist keep passengers secure in this model's 66kW powertrain. Sandero's power-assisted steering, air conditioning, and adjustable steering wheel are notable features. In addition, the Eco setting on this model helps it run more efficiently.


6. Haval H1


Cars of the Haval H1 Hummer range are widely regarded as among the world's most out-of-the-ordinary and liberal rides. Everything from usefulness to refinement to excitement to thrill to practicality can be found in one spot when you take a hummer ride. The nicest thing about hummer vehicles is that they provide more individuality and personalization in all categories, which rivals cannot match.

The Hummer H1 is an example of an inventive and magnificent vehicle that offers real-time off-road adventures to passengers and drivers and can be utilized for business and personal reasons. 

Initially introduced and made available to the public in 1999, the model has been continuously produced and manufactured entirely since then. The HI designation was given to the model to distinguish it from subsequently updated variants. As a result, a successful portfolio of hummers was developed for the corporation, resulting in years of uninterrupted profitability and income.

These reasonably priced automobiles have a base price of R174 900. Their total output power is 71kW. Airbags, and an anti-lock braking system with electronic brake distribution, assist in keeping the vehicle's passengers safe. The Havel H1 is also equipped with power steering, air conditioning, and cruise control, among other features. Fog lamps, a heated rear window, and 16-inch alloy wheels are features that distinguish this vehicle.


7. Polo Vivo 


Volkswagen Polo is a fantastic supermini produced by the world's top automobile manufacturer Volkswagen. Since its introduction in 1975, it has consistently ranked as the most in-demand car among customers. 

We are now experiencing the fifth generation of this distinguished car, which has grown to become the hottest phenomenon in the hatchback area of the automotive industry. Its body design and form are similar to the Mk6 Golf, although much larger.

 This vehicle is offered in various trim levels, including S, Moda, SE, and SEL, and is powered by a standard 1.6-liter diesel engine that provides excellent fuel efficiency.

It is constructed from a well-balanced and sturdy chassis, ensuring a high degree of durability. This vehicle also has an insulated and large interior designed to be ergonomically efficient. Also included is a robust and responsive power train, which allows for a smooth and well-balanced ride of exceptional quality. The super-compact is unquestionably the safest and most luxurious automobile on the market due to its extensive safety measures. It also offers a fantastic blend of dazzling performance and practicality because of its remarkable set of features and specs. Because of its low price and roomy cabin, the Polo Vivo has become the most popular passenger car in the local market. 

Ample space in the vehicle's interior allows passengers to relax and take in the scenery while riding in comfort. Since most Vivo's components are sourced locally, the device is reasonably priced. The ABS and central locking systems on this vehicle are notable features. The baggage compartment is intended to make driving a Vivo more convenient. The R179 900 price tag for the 1.4 55kW Trendline is good.


8. Honda Mobilio 


The Honda Mobilio Spike has a small body but offers a lot of luggage room for its size. Its distinctive style is sure to delight, and it also offers recreational activities. It is a tiny minivan with seating for five people. The Honda Mobilio has an eye-catching external body that contrasts with a sophisticated, useful, and adaptable interior.

The inside of the Honda Mobilio is inviting and has several innovative features. It offers enough room for long, tall, and broad items. As a result, you may cram as many items and people as you want into your automobile. 

The Honda Mobilio is available for R160 900, and this vehicle provides a dependable driving experience. This vehicle's ability to mix aesthetics and utility is one of its greatest assets. Anti-Lock Braking systems, Airbags, and Electronic Brake Distribution are among the safety features available. Among the dramatic design elements of the Brio are a redesigned grille, bumper, and headlights.