18 Mar 2022
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Best Cheap Cars For Sale Under 100k In Kenya

Until recently, automobiles were seen as a status symbol. However, nowadays, everyone has to have it. When shopping for a car, you need to take into account a variety of things and then decide which is the cheapest car in Kenya. Purchasing the vehicle of your dreams is an exhilarating experience. However, it might be difficult to find a car that fits your needs and budget. The price alone should not be the deciding factor. This is why it's best to look at the vehicle's maintenance expenses and fuel consumption, as well as its model, year, make brand, and other characteristics.

Obtaining the cheapest cars for sale in Kenya has not been hard. You can identify the top new and used car dealerships by doing thorough research. Nevertheless, you must exercise caution and thoroughly research all of your possibilities before deciding.

Unfortunately, most consumers lack the knowledge and resources necessary to get a good deal on a car. But don't be alarmed! You'll learn all you need to know to get the best deal on your next automobile in this article. Read on to find out which models made our list of the top cars for sale under 100$ in Kenya from one of the most reputable auto dealerships.

1. Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo is another option among the cars for sale under 100k in Kenya. Automatic and 4-speed transmissions are both available for the car's 3-cylinder petrol engine. In addition, the electric motor steering pinion makes driving more convenient.

One of the most affordable family hatchbacks on the market, the Toyota Passo is a fantastic choice. When it comes to the Toyota Passo, it is touted as the company's flagship model. It has earned an excellent track record as a class-leading vehicle due to its efficiency, agility, and safety blend. Those who ride in it will benefit greatly from the car's wealth of beneficial features and options. The Toyota Passo, a fuel-efficient vehicle with quick handling, has a lot going for it. This car has risen to the top of purchasers' wish lists because of its innovative design and class-leading performance. In addition, it's a dependable vehicle, making it an excellent option for those searching for used vehicles.

2. MW Wagon by Chevrolet

Chevrolet is one of the several Japanese manufacturers that are dominating the global vehicle industry. The brand has a reputation for being trustworthy and credible. One of the vehicles marketed as a small wagon is the MW Wagon.

General Motors' Chevrolet division is a well-known and well-known portion of the company. Since the beginning of time, the American automobile manufacturer has had the greatest position in the market. Exceptional and stunning products that customers can relate to and can afford have enabled and sustained the company's expansion and development. As of 1911, the Chevrolet division has its formal start date of establishment and was based only in the United States. It began by developing and formulating products just for the American market, but as demand grew and the population grew, the division stretched its reach well beyond the borders of the United States.

There are a lot of cars under 100k in Nairobi, and one of them is the MW Wagon. The model's interior is made out of leather seats and graphic indicators, making it visually attractive. People are drawn to the building's smooth façade because of this.

3. Daihatsu Move Custom S

When browsing for cars under 100k for sale in Kenya, the Daihatsu Move Custom S will show up on your list. There are 659cc of displacement in this vehicle, which has a turbocharged engine and an automated gearbox.

The Daihatsu Move is a reliable commuting alternative for family-oriented and concerned with saving money. At the same time, it is an excellent value for money alternative that provides the dynamic force, balanced handling, riding comfort, decent gas economy, and environmental friendliness to those riding in the vehicle. The Daihatsu move price for this efficient and outstanding performance is low. It is categorized as a highly cheap and reasonable option with a high customer rating for efficiency and economy. As a used vehicle with high fuel economy and plenty of amenities, the model is reasonably priced, and you can easily locate one on the market. If you're looking for a vehicle that's both comfy and safe, don't pass up this opportunity.

4. Honda Life C Comfort Edition

One of the vehicles on the list of automobiles under 100k is the Honda Life C Comfort Special. The Kei automobile is a gasoline-powered vehicle with an automated gearbox and seating for four people. Honda automobiles are well-known for their long-lasting durability and dependability.

Comfort uses large, attractive, and easy-to-use design elements and requirements. Honda Motor Company is well-known for providing a path to a breakthrough via its innovation and efficient technologies tradition. Honda's life is well-equipped with a variety of noteworthy characteristics. The vehicle's body is a light recreational vehicle, and the fuel used is gasoline. It is powered by a P07A engine with a maximum output of 52 PS for the non-turbo type and 60N-m for the turbo model. The ride quality is more environmentally friendly with upgraded airbags and superior protection performance.

5. Mitsubishi Colt Plus

Mitsubishi Motors introduced the Colt Plus model in 2004. It's a tiny wagon that's always been praised for its dependability and longevity.

The Mitsubishi Colt is a very appealing automobile. Its strong and forceful design posture and its appealing and inspirational physical look have made it a highly regarded workhorse among the general public. For those who want to get behind the wheel and enjoy the ride at a fair price, the 1.3-liter engine is a big advantage. It seems a bit bouncy while riding on mountainous terrain, but it feels comfy when riding on flat ground. This vehicle has made several technological and mechanical modifications that have allowed it to outperform the competition. Additionally, the car's gentle body contours and exquisite external design are not to be overlooked. In addition to being a sports car, it has a well-designed cabin that makes it even more stunning. Additionally, the vehicle offers a higher degree of use while maintaining good fuel efficiency.

6. Daihatsu Mira Memorial Edition

There are several compelling reasons to purchase this model. When it comes to long-distance travel, the Mira is the finest option since it is equipped with safety measures and has a pleasant interior design. The greatest thing is that its maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum.

This vehicle is equipped with a strong engine that delivers outstanding performance on the highways and byways. It is an automobile that is easy to operate. This car has enough space to seat five people comfortably. The car's design is pretty spectacular, and it immediately draws your attention. According to the Daihatsu Mira Review, this vehicle is great for compact families. There are various benefits to purchasing this vehicle that you should consider.

7. Nissan OTTI E

Nissan is a renowned automobile manufacturer with a worldwide presence and a strong positioning strategy. Nissan OTTI is also one of the used vehicles in Kenya that costs less than $100K. Its features and proportions also fit your requirements for a compact automobile. Additionally, when compared to other compact cars in its category, it is a solid pick because of its automatic gearbox and excellent performance.

8. Suzuki Splash Base

The model was originally introduced in 2012 and was powered by a petrol engine. This is the best option for you if you're shopping around when it comes to fuel efficiency. In Nairobi, there is a great demand for the product Splash.

Suzuki Splash is a well-built and well-proportioned automobile made by the well-known Japanese automaker Suzuki and available for purchase. It is a high-quality product from the company that has widespread popularity due to its dependability and durability. The automobile is renowned for offering the largest spaciousness and the greatest amount of functionality, and its price is far more than that of its cheaper competitors.

9. Suzuki Alto E 

Featuring a stylish design and a comfy interior, the Suzuki Alto E is one of the company's most popular vehicles. Furthermore, its aerodynamic design, which has distinctive lines and curves, makes it a competitive vehicle. Even children and teenagers are drawn to this vehicle because of its vivid appearance and distinctive design. Although this might be an adequate interior for someone who is not accustomed to driving a luxury vehicle, a person who is used to driving one may never find it satisfactory. The polymers utilized inside are of poor quality, and the dashboard is devoid of anything of appeal to the driver's eye. The only luxury feature in the interiors would be air conditioning, which would be a rarity. In addition, the trunk is limited in size and does not have an automated option. 

10. Ssangyong Rexton 

It is a Korean vehicle that is intended to provide comfort and elegance in every element of its operation. It provides greater strength, prestige, safety, space, and overall value than the previous model. You may put your faith in the manufacturer to supply you with the greatest features at the most reasonable prices.

Inside the Ssangyong Rexton, you'll find a sophisticated and refined atmosphere. This vehicle may accommodate five or seven people depending on the configuration. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Ssangyong Rexton's interior is both elegant and comfy. A few of the inside amenities include a touch screen infotainment system with MP3 and music controls, a USB connection, an Aux-in, a DVD player, and six speakers, an interior lighting system that works in both daylight and darkness, an interior lighting system that works in both daylight and darkness, and more.

11. Honda City 2006 

The majority of Honda vehicles have been quite successful over the world. This is due to the fact that it is among the most dependable and well-known brands, which readily impresses individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. The same can be said for the Honda City 2006 model, which is currently available as a used vehicle at around $100,000.

Its style has developed, and it now has a more subtle, more mature demeanor; nonetheless, its silhouette retains a visual connection to the previous model. A sleek set of headlights, which mirror those seen on Honda's more expensive Civic, replaces the company's typical massive chrome bar that runs the front fascia's length and spans the vehicle's width. The full-LED headlights, both current and posh in appearance, add a bit of sparkle to the vehicle's style. The 185/55/R16 tires appear out of place with their long wheelbase on the diamond-cut 16-inch wheels. Additionally, the LED tail-lights look great, and they share an eerie similarity with the new BMW 3 Series.

12. Peugeot 607 

When seeking automobiles under 100K in Kenya, the Peugeot is a popular choice. This is a French automobile manufacturer that has earned a respected reputation across the world. There is an opportunity to examine the model's internal and external characteristics, which include cutting-edge technology and a very dependable engine.

For many years, the Peugeot remained a formidable rival against the popular automobiles of the day, such as the Ford Focus and Honda Civic. Furthermore, it outperformed both automobiles in terms of technological innovation, interior room, pricing, and handling. This convertible was created with a retractable hardtop, and it first appeared on the market in 2003. The goal was to make the 307 a competitive contender against the cabriolet's coupes entering the new European markets.

Concluding Remarks

Vehicles are in high demand in Kenya, with demand growing all the time. Some people seek the most costly automobiles available to meet their requirements, while others look for cars for sale around 100K and even less. The selections in the preceding list represent some of the most outstanding examples of their kind.

Among them, the Toyota automobiles under 100K for sale in Kenya are the most well-known, as people are persuaded of the integrity and dependability of the Toyota brand. As a result, you may choose any of the automobiles that are mentioned above based on your interests.