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9 Car Maintenance Tips for Beginners

The average person can do many things to prevent taking their car to a mechanic for basic things. However, knowing some essential car maintenance tips before owning custom SUVs for sale can help you avoid lengthy mechanic bills, and frequent trips to the mechanic shop, and maintain the value of your car.


Keeping your car well-maintained will increase its longevity, and you can also enjoy better fuel economy. So, if you are a first-time car owner, here are some must-know car-servicing tips from the best mechanics to help you take better care of your new car.

1.  Read the Owner’s Manual


Read the Owner’s Manual


Most people don’t like to read and certainly not manuals. However, the secret to becoming knowledgeable about maintaining your car is reading the manual. The owner’s manual has important information and key points that can help maintain your car in the best possible way. As a first-time car owner, you will also feel confident about handling your vehicle.

It will give you information about replacing vehicle components, how often it needs servicing, the grade of gasoline to use, and other vital factors.



2.  Learn to Check Tire Pressure


Check Tire Pressure


Knowing how to check tire pressure is important for smooth handling and comfortable driving. After all, it affects the fuel economy of the car. If you go through the manual, you’ll find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.

Most cars have tire pressure monitoring systems, or you can use specialized gadgets. However, make sure you do it regularly so that you can drive the car smoothly and enjoy the ride.



3.  Keep a Check on Oil Levels


Check on Oil Levels


The car’s engine needs perfect lubrication to operate efficiently. If you don’t keep a check on the oil levels, it can get contaminated over time with dust and other impurities and affect its performance.

The engine has several mechanical parts that can create friction over time if not well-oiled. The friction can lead to heat up as well. So, it’s essential to know how to check the engine oil and make sure to do it regularly. You should also replace the oil as needed for your car to run at peak performance.



4.  Check Other Car Fluids


Check Other Car Fluids


Apart from the engine oil, you need to keep checking on other car fluids as well regularly. These include the brake fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid that are responsible for a smooth and hassle-free ride.

You don’t want to lose control of your car at any point due to low fluids or experience frequent disruption in driving. Learn about the car’s minimum fluid requirement and ensure you keep it maintained. Also, read more about: Necessary Documents needed to buy a car in UAE

5.  Replace Engine Air Filter


Replace Engine Air Filter


Another important aspect that you should be aware of as a beginner car owner is the importance of a well-maintained engine air filter for efficient performance. An unclean air filter will undermine its performance and prevent the car from running smoothly.

If you are experiencing reduced horsepower, low gas mileage, and unusual sounds, it is perhaps time to replace the air filter. An optimal running air filter will give better fuel efficiency and horsepower, genuinely allowing you to enjoy your car.



6.  Regular Cleaning and Upkeep


Regular Cleaning


Among other car servicing tips, new car owners should also remember to keep their car clean and maintain its hygiene. It shouldn’t be left up to the servicing station to do it once in a while. Weekly cleaning of your vehicle will ensure it looks and smells good. This means keeping its windshield clean at all times, allowing a proper view of the road. Again, it’s beneficial when you are driving at night.


7.  Always Park Safely


Always Park Safely


While this may not seem like a big thing because it is often difficult to find parking, you must ensure that your car is always parked in a clean and safe spot. Avoid parking your vehicle in puddles of water to avoid corrosion.

You shouldn’t park your car in scorching heat regularly either, as it can destroy its paint. Instead, always park in the shade unless absolutely necessary.


8.  Ensure Wheel Alignment


Wheel Alignment


Wheel alignment is necessary is ensure that your car drives straight. If the wheels are not aligned, they will only move in a particular direction, left or right, which is very dangerous and can cause an accident. As a first-time car owner, you must know that if you feel any sort of alignment trouble, you must visit the tire station at once to get it fixed. It is essential for a safe drive.

9.  Keep an Eye on the Battery


Eye on the Battery


Most people overlook the battery until something significant goes wrong. That’s not the right approach, and you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to check your battery or get it replaced. If you don’t keep an eye on your battery, it can incur significant maintenance bills. You also don’t want the car to give up on you on a secluded route.

You should get your battery checked yearly or twice in a year. If the battery is 3-5 years old, you must get it checked more often. A weak battery will affect the car’s performance significantly unless it stops working altogether, and you definitely don’t want that.

Make sure you are not running your car on a weak battery. Some signs include heavy corrosion on terminals, slow start, lack of power in electronics, and dim headlights. You should also be mindful not to leave the lights on as it can affect the battery voltage. A battery voltage of 12 volts or below indicates that the car will not start.

End Word


Car maintenance is not difficult, but you must know a few basic things above. When you drive a car for the first time, knowing which things to keep a check on can help you avoid costly maintenance runs and keep your car running smoothly. Not to forget, it also helps maintain its value!


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9 Car Maintenance Tips for Beginners
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